Sometimes the point was simply to do your job with plentifulness, as if you weren’t acquiring experience and knowledge about the methods and software used to design the material you were working on. He was waiting with the others and trying not to think too many remarcks cause he used to keep them for the evening, when they go out under the dark sky, stopping their work on hydrocarbons and drinking well-seasoned beverages.
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You can draw what you want in it, freedom is seeing what you want on your skin. You can see them, a tribe disgusted by advertising posters, grown in a world quickly changing. Their breathing is anxious.

Can you see the dresses of the season this winter? Would you wear  it at he “debutante night”? Turn yourself over in bed thinking about the best hair style while there is someone, which isn’t you, awake for the whole night opening beer bottles for a bouch of clients in a pub which will pay her rent. Turn yourself over.

This tattoo is not a poster or a type of dress which will change the next christmas, it will stay.

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